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New Orleans Entrepreneur Transforms From Tech Company CEO to Chocolatier to Launch Luxury Chocolate Brand

Published January 2nd, 2023 by L'Amour Chocolates, Inc.

New Orleans, LA, March 23, 2023 - Ed Love, CEO of a successful solar energy company began exploring an unlikely passion 7 years ago that led to the recent launch of L'Amour Chocolates, a luxury brand of chocolates for discriminating tastes.

His nearly decade-long transformation from tech company owner to chocolatier began while browsing late night on the Internet and running across an article on how the wealthy in the 15th century were noted for saying, “I'm so rich I can eat my wealth.” This outlook on life led them to put gold on everything they ate and drank.

Intrigued at the thought of their boast, Love set out to discover what that experience was like but found very few products to test or taste. So captivated by the thought, his passionate quest led him to begin testing techniques to apply gold to chocolate and taking classes to learn everything he could about the chocolate industry.

“My intrigue turned into passion and determination to create what I couldn’t find,” said Love.

The process of learning how to apply gold to chocolate ws expensive and frustrating, but Love’s persistence finally paid off with the creation of his luxury chocolate brand designed for an echelon of consumers with discriminating tastes.  His premier chocolates are made by hand with rich, smooth, and robust ganache covered by a 24-karat edible, gold-encased chocolate shield. The brand’s tag line, “An Indulgence Like No Other,” promises an unmatched experience and delectable taste of opulence.

The core management team of L’Amour Chocolates is made up of family and veterans. “We are introducing a uniquely elegant experience that is intoxicating to the senses in presentation, aroma, texture, and taste.  The 24k gold holds the aroma of the chocolate with a texture that is smooth to the touch, sumptuous to the taste, designed to leave you with small sparkles of the treat to come,” said Love of his passion-infused chocolates.

“L’Amour Chocolates is a socially-conscious company, partnering with suppliers that promote “Fair Trade” policies that eliminate slave and child labor practices.” said Karen Rochon, COO.

 With his brand’s soft launch, the former technology company CEO and veteran turned chocolatier has created his first signature flavor, “The Grand Marquis.” He describes the essence of the Grand Marquis as “a very smooth, robust ganache, born of the finest French chocolates.” Our chocolate truffles, The Grand Marquis, include a perfect blend of top shelf premium ingredients, including an infusion of Grand Marnier, a French liqueur.

Love points out that his chocolates are more than a product to consume, but an experience to partake that evokes a feeling of lavish luxury.

In a world that is noisy, frustrating, and complicated, L'Amour offers you a quiet calm place and time to reflect and relax. When your senses are heightened, you can see more and hear more. Our chocolates can take you to places and times of fantasy and clarity,” said Love.  

Produced in New Orleans, Louisiana, Love released his collection of elite chocolates in late January and is developing alliances with various venues and businesses, including David Bridal’s “Pearl by David.”

In the next 5 years, Love aims for L’Amour Chocolates to be the preeminent “chocolate of choice” of celebrities, professional athletes and discriminating consumers desiring a product of exquisite taste and incomparable aura.

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About L’Amour Chocolates

L’Amour Chocolates is a newly introduced statement of luxury that is created to exist in an exclusive space; a unique and luxurious niche market. Partnering with one of the world’s finest French chocolate makers, we have created hand-crafted chocolate confections for a refined market. Our existence is defined by the discriminating lifestyles of chocolate connoisseurs, entrepreneurs and global citizens. L’Amour Chocolates are truly “An Indulgence Like No Other". We invite you take the L'Amour Chocolates journey at Also follow us on Instagram at Lamour.choc on Instagram or Facebook at mylamourchocolates .

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