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L’Amour Chocolates Selected as Exclusive Chocolate Brand of Los-Angeles-area Hollywood Swag Bag

Published October 5th, 2023 by L'Amour Chocolates, Inc.

L’Amour Chocolates Nab Exclusive Spot in Hollywood Swag Bag's Curated Gift Bags Honoring Top Oscar & Emmy Nominees

New Orleans, Louisiana, Aug. 1, 2023 – New Orleans-based L’Amour Chocolates has earned the distinction of being selected as the exclusive chocolate brand of Hollywood Swag Bag, a Los-Angeles-area company that provides unique gifting opportunities for an eclectic selection of premier products honoring Oscar and Emmy nominees.

Branded as “An Indulgence Like No Other,” L'Amour Chocolates is one of only three luxury chocolate brands in the world offering 24-karat gold-covered chocolates with the added bonus of a delicate infusion of liqueur.

“It is the most exquisite chocolate I have seen and tasted in all of my years procuring Swag for nominees,” said Lisa Bianchi, owner of Hollywood Swag Bag.

After a seven-year journey of developing his luxury brand, Love launched his chocolates in late February 2023 catering to individuals with discriminating tastes seeking more than a luxurious chocolate confection but an experience of decadent opulence.

“Even though the Emmy Awards program that celebrates the achieved excellence of the top nominees in the entertainment industry has been postponed, honoring them with this most opulent and soul-satisfying experience of L'Amour is paramount,” said Love.

Love describes his passion-infused chocolates as a uniquely elegant experience that is intoxicating to the senses in presentation, aroma, texture, and taste.

“The gold holds the aroma of the chocolate with a texture that is smooth to the touch, sumptuous to the taste, leaving you with small sparkles of the treat to come,” teases Love.

The company’s signature flavor, The Grand Marquis, is handmade from the finest French chocolate boasting a smooth, robust ganache that tantalizes the senses and taste buds with a perfect blend of non-dairy creams, exotic vanillas and almond flavors and an infusion of Grand Marnier liqueur.

Resembling gold bars, his luxury chocolates arrive in a premium black lacquered box engraved with L’Amour’s signature crest which opens to an exquisite black leather interior presentation of nine 24-karat-gold chocolates each nestled in its own chamber.

In the next 5 years, Love aims for L’Amour Chocolates to be the premier “chocolate of choice” of discriminating global consumers who value a product that offers an unmatched aura of unparalleled splendor like no other.

About L’Amour Chocolates

L’Amour Chocolates is a newly introduced statement of luxury that is created to exist in an exclusive space; a unique and luxurious niche market. Partnering with one of the world’s finest French chocolate makers, we have created hand-crafted chocolate confections for a refined market. Our existence is defined by the discriminating lifestyles of chocolate connoisseurs, entrepreneurs and global consumers. L’Amour Chocolates are truly “An Indulgence Like No Other". We invite you take the L'Amour Chocolates journey at Also follow us on Instagram at Lamour.choc or Facebook at mylamourchocolates.

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Photo credits: Kamran Rochon, L'Amour Chocolates

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