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L’Amour Chocolates is a statement of luxury that is the evidence of a divine vision.  It was created to exist in an exclusive space; a niche market intrigued by uniqueness and luxury. Chocolate has always been described as euphoric, sensual, calming, pleasurable and luxurious, and our confections offer the characteristics of chocolate in an upscale, extraordinary way. Partnering with one of the world’s finest Parisian Chocolate makers, we have created hand-crafted chocolate confections for a refined market.

Our existence is defined by the refined lifestyles of chocolate connoisseurs, entrepreneurs and global citizens. L’Amour Chocolate confections are seductive, intriguing and complex. It is truly “An Indulgence Like No Other”.

The Experience

Introducing a uniquely elegant experience that is intoxicating to the senses: presentation, aroma, texture and taste!

  • The Presentation – The 24k gold coating introduces you to L’Amour, the premier edible gold and chocolate French confection of New Orleans. The heart of our Grand Marquis is encased a regal 24k edible, gold-encased chocolate shield. The treasure is guarded by its vault: a black lacquered fortress with a black leather interior that cradles each signature piece. The gold L’Amour crest signifies the opulence to come.
  • The Aroma – The gold holds the aroma of the chocolate and stimulates your senses.
  • The Texture – The texture is smooth to the touch designed to leave you with small sparkles of the treat to come.
  • The Taste – The essence of the Grand Marquis is a very smooth, robust ganache, the star of the story, born of luscious Michel Cluizel (the finest French) chocolate, heavy cream, dark vanilla, almond emulsion and an infusion of liqueur.  

Opening the vault begins a satisfying journey as it engages the palate. As you surrender to the smooth richness of the ganache, The Grand Marquis invites you to a full-bodied waltz, culminating in an “Indulgence Like No Other”.

Mission Statement

“To be laser focused at providing an Indulgence like no other with our finest products that create experiences where absolute patron satisfaction is our highest priority.”

Freshness Guarantee

At L’Amour Chocolates we take great pride in the quality & freshness of our products, so we guarantee your satisfaction with every bite, every time.

How do We Ensure Quality Freshness?

  • We partner with world class cacao farms in Ghana and Madagascar, Africa, and a world-class chocolate maker in Paris, France using only the freshest ingredients.
  • Before an order is shipped, each piece is checked by quality control specialists for accuracy and proper packaging.
  • Each and every box of chocolate is protected with warm weather protection insulation and cool packs to ensure that your chocolate is delivered fresh and uncompromised.
  • We are continually inspecting our facilities and updating our processes to give you a best in class experience.

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